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3D Design

Our approach to communicating garden and landscape designs is instantly relatable since we create most of our designs in 3D so you can view the design from every angle. Our geo-located 3D models map the path of the sun at any given date and time of the year, and we include adjacent structures and vegetation into our model that impact the sun and shade around your property. This means we can accurately position both pergolas or sun sails to shade your summer lunches or find the perfect spot for a seating area to capture the last light of the day or create a patio for your first cup of coffee in the morning sun.

We enjoy taking you on a journey and making the design process exciting and interactive.

Our design reviews are presented on your screen and include a virtual walk through your garden. During the design review, we can experiment with different concepts or change materials while you watch.

Since we also build the house and other structures on the property in 3D, we can show how the chosen materials relate to the wider palette and ensure that architectural and landscape detailing are developed in harmony with each other.

A further advantage of working with a 3D model of your garden and house is the ability to navigate to any window inside the house and explore the view. This is important for efficient placement of screening for privacy and the control of sightlines where less attractive elements of your view should be concealed.

What is often underestimated is how useful a 3D model of your garden is to control your budget, both during the design phase and when obtaining quotes. For example, we can determine the exact height and width of screening elements such as pleached trees so you can get the smallest possible specimen, which is budget friendly and can avoid unnecessary shading. When it comes to groundwork, a 3D model allows us to accurately quantify volumes of soil that need to be excavated, moved or disposed of, which means contractors can submit their most competitive quotes since such detail reduces the margin for error they have to price in to cover what would otherwise be hard to quantify.

Illustrated seasonal Planting Schemes

You won’t need to visualise from a 2D plan or know Latin plant names to understand our planting schemes- our planting designs show you exactly what to expect each season and how your garden will change throughout the year. We supplement our planting plans with: Photographic collages showing the interplay and combinations of colours, textures, foliage flowers, evergreen structure and winter interest as they change from spring to summer, autumn winter.

Construction Drawings

On conclusion of the design phase, we prepare a comprehensive set of construction drawings. A typical set of landscape construction drawings includes the following:

  • Setting out plan
    This shows the levels of new landscape features in comparison to the existing levels. Items for demolition and areas for excavation of filling are identified. New elements such as patios, walls, pergolas, decks, planting beds and outbuildings are dimensioned to allow the contractor to carry out a materials take off for pricing in the first place and layout the site accurately prior to commencing construction
  • Drainage plan
    This indicates where surface water is directed to avoid puddling, flooding or damp to structures. It identifies the fall direction of paving, type and path of surface drains, details and path of land drains, location of soakaways and connection to existing drains
  • Electrical and lighting plan
    This shows the location of armoured cables, ducting, sockets, light fixture locations and light fixture specifications. This will include lumen calculations and light spillage control where required to meet regulations for wildlife in designated Areas of Outstanding Naturel Beauty (AONB). Locations for lighting controllers are identified and circuits noted to enable activation and manipulation of lights in separate zones
  • Construction details
    Details and sections are prepared to show materials build-up and transitions, bespoke built-in seating and joinery, walls, coping, cladding or enclosures and special features such as pergolas and outdoor kitchens
  • Planting Plan and Schedules
    This shows the location, spacing and quantity of plants at their mature size. The plan I annotated with the plant specifications and refers to the planting schedule, which lists the species, variety, pot size and/or height of the plants and girth of trees along with staking, anchoring or other support requirements
  • Specifications
    The specifications document identifies all materials and finishes along with the methods required for installation.

The landscape construction drawings and specifications ensure that construction tenders are received on a like-for-like scope of work. When the customer appoints the contractor, these documents become part of the contract and the contractor can be held accountable for delivering the project accordingly.

In cases where a design hasn’t been fully detailed or specified, even a quality contractor will only be able to give you an estimate, or a quote that makes assumptions or includes additional mark up to cover their profit on unknown quantities. In absence of a well-executed set of construction drawings and supervision during installation, your final result will more likely reflect what was easiest and cheapest for the installer rather than what looks best and works for you, and you will likely have paid for change order costs along the way.

Tender Support to identify best contractor

Selecting the best contractor for your project and identifying which will deliver the best quality and value is a crucial part on the path from design to completion. It involves the pre-selection of contractors based on their ability to deliver the project as specified. We can recommend contractors we consider suitable to submit a quote or submit the tender documents to contractors of your choice. We usually recommend a minimum of two quotes be sought, ideally three, to allow you to select the most suitable partner to carry out the work.

We prepare and distribute the tender package and assist you in evaluating the quotes. The cheapest quote is not necessarily the best value- the criteria for the most suitable contractor include their understanding of the design and construction details, whether there are exclusions or limitations to the quote, the contractors’ comparative experience with the components, complexities and size of your project, payment schedules, references and inspection of recent projects carried out, as well as the contractor’s communication skills. Depending on your timescale, availability may be a further factor. Ultimately, we help you ask pertinent questions to ensure you are comparing quotes on a like-for-like basis and making an educated decision who to trust with your money and the construction of your dream garden.

Did you know the difference…

…between a quote and an estimate?

A quote is a binding agreement to deliver a project at a stated cost, in contrast to an estimate. An estimate is not a fixed cost and is sometimes submitted below market value by contractors in order to obtain the commission. Once the project is underway you can be asked to pay more.

Construction Supervision

A design you love is only the starting point. Even if the design has been meticulously documented and you are comfortable with the contractor you have appointed, it is essential for the designer to supervise construction to ensure the project is delivered as intended. With the best of contractors, details tend to get lost on the way from the drawings via the site foreman to the bricklayer or joiner who works on site. Regular visits by the designer and communication with the contractor ensures that details are adhered to and that the inevitable issues that arise during construction are resolved in the spirit of the design and with consideration to the effect on other elements of the design. We carry out site visits throughout construction and liaise with the various parties, which ensures a smooth and stress-free delivery of your project. We monitor progress and changes and keep you informed.

Plant Maintenance Schedules

We provide a comprehensive maintenance schedule for our planting schemes on completion. This contains a list of all plants used and their location, how to water, feed, prune, divide and otherwise care for them.

Referenced with a photograph of every plant, this can be used by you or handed over to your gardener to ensure the investment you have made into your plants pays off and bears fruit (where applicable…)

Together with the 3D visuals of the garden that show the intended massing and size for pruning of larger specimen, you will have all the information you need to keep your planting scheme look great for years to come.

Before and After

Look at our case studies to see before and after photographs.

Identifying the need for specialists

Where necessary, we can recommend planning consultants, surveyors, drainage specialists, pool and pond experts, architects, CDM consultants, ecologists and other specialist contractors who may be required to deliver your project legally and safely.

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